Night Vale Pre-Halloween creep-out at The Olympia.

Welcome to Night Vale is the most listened to podcast in the world…

…and the live show is being brought to The Olympia on Thursday night for a pre-Halloween chill.

Night Vale is a creepy mix of Twilight Zone meets community radio meets a producer cloned from Orson Wells and Stephen King, WTNV has become an internet sensation. Night Vale is the sort of place where at school there’s this weird clique of straight A’s students that keep to themselves and no one goes near them; what with their white-hair and glowing eyes and perfect grooming.

And its all delivered in the most mundane community radio style…you know, really creepy.

With live music interludes it’s a great night to get a chill before bed-time so ensure you are well-fed before hand on our pre-show early bird, only 21.95 for 2 courses and 3 courses only 26.95.

night vale

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