Char-grilled Irish cornfed jerk chicken w/ avocado, fried chorizo, red pepper mayo, ice-berg. Coriander & lime 16.95

Crab cakes Maryland

2 poached eggs, Irish green beans, home fries, hollandaise, vine tomato & rocket 15.95

Chicken wings ‘old school’

Franks hot's, blue cheese dip, celery. Home fries, charred corn on the cob. Slaw & pickles 15.95

2 poached eggs on toasted bagel w/ rocket, vine tomato & hollandaise

Florentine w/ spinach 12

Benedict w/ baked ham 14

Popeye w/ oak smoked salmon & spinach 15

Lobster Benedict

Castletownbere West Cork lobster on toasted bagel. 2 poached eggs, Irish green beans, sweet potato fries, rocket & vine tomato, Choron hollandaise 22.50

Coco pops french toast

Salt caramelised bananas, peanut butter, mascarpone whipped cream & dark choc ice-cream 15.95

Super nachos

Bbq chilli beef, avocado & tomato salsa, melted mature cheddar. Jalapenos & sour cream 16

Chicken wings ‘old school’

Franks hot sauce, blue cheese dip, celery.
Home fries, charred corn on the cob. Slaw & pickles 15.95

Pork belly hash

Slow roast pork belly fried w/ duck fat potatoes, spring onion & black pepper. Boston baked beans, 2 fried eggs 19.95

Breakfast of champions

Butchers sausage, Kelly’s black pudding, streaky smoked bacon, flat-cap mushrooms, vine tomato, Boston baked beans, potato rosti & 2 fried eggs 16.95

Veggie breakfast

Veggie breakfast Polenta chips, flat-cap mushrooms, Irish green beans, vine tomato, spinach. 2 fried eggs. Grilled goats cheese 14

Avocado on char-grilled focaccia

Avocado on char-grilled focaccia 2 gratinated poached eggs, vine tomato, buffalo mozzarella , basil pesto 14.95


Pat Mcloughlin’s smoked smoked beef brisket w/ Southern style parmesan grits. Paprika, tomato & beef gravy. 2 fried eggs 16.95