Lobster Benedict: Brunch in Dublin City Centre - San Lorenzos
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Lobster Benedict: Brunch in Dublin City Centre

It’s Back at Brunch!

Our snappy Lobster Benedict is an in-season plate of deliciousness with perfectly poached eggs. If you’ve never tasted fresh Irish lobster it’s a revelation! The meat is a sweet ocean delight and goes so perfectly at a summer brunch. Match it perfectly with some bubbles in a glass, cocktail or by the bottle at San Lorenzo’s Weekend Brunch.

Brunch Cocktails for our Lobster Benedict

Bellini 8.5
Classic / Watermelon / Passion fruit

Pavarotti 8.5
w/ elderflower cordial

Mango Bellini 8.5
w/ mango purée

Mimosa 8.5
w/ orange juice

Rossini 8.5
w/ strawberry purée

Martini Royale 9.5
w/ Dry vermouth w/ mint & lime


make a booking

Book a table for brunch this weekend at San Lorenzos. We invite you to kickback and relax while we do all the hard work to get you fed and watered on quality Irish food. Our #brunchofchampions is on every Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holiday Monday from 10:30am.