True Pirates Never Die – Early Bird Dinner before Smock Alley

A pitch-black comic tale of swashbuckling adventure.


A notorious pirate ship has been lost at sea, and the surviving members of the crew wash up on a mysterious island. But more than the crew has washed ashore; there’s also the pirate captain’s stolen treasure, which will bring much more than worldly wealth.

When the captain dies in the storm, the hunt is on to find the box of treasure—and the key—which will bring its keeper eternal life. As pirates, islanders, and other shadowy figures for the prize, we are taken on a swashbuckling adventure of greed, bravery, and immortality.

The Gaiety School of Acting presents True Pirates Never Die at The Smock Alley from 26th June to the 1st July

Enjoy our pre-Theatre menu available from 5pm before the play begins at 7:30pm. San Lorenzo’s is just a short walk from Smock Alley.

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